Cleanroom packaging
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Plastic films and bags

Plastic bags and bag packaging machines are probably the most common form of cleanroom packaging used worldwide. The nature of this new type of packaging makes it quite versatile in that it can be made into nearly all sizes and forms. Most large hospitals make use of sterile plastic bags which have the actual date and other informations printed onto the bag.
Small plastic bags or film bags can be found in almost all applications in Europe. These bags are lighter than normal sized and printed film bags and they are often made from a clear and durable film material in order to endure a small amount of clean content placed into it.
Similar to plastic bags used by packers to carry their goods, there are also variable size bags available for any kind of use. Unlike printed foils with handles for easy carrying, most packaging machines also produce bags with a self-containing surface. This means two film sheets that lay along the opening of the bag. When higher pressure is applied to the bag, generally from low temperatures, the bag becomes stable.
Selfmade plastic bags are ideal for the plastic bag packaging machinery and many other industries and they have countless uses, especially for smaller items supplied by hobby shops, hardware stores and so on. As these sealed plastic bags are able to keep the content air tight, they are very popular for the market.
Bag packaging machine

PE Plastic Bags

PE stands for polyethylene and films of this nature are made for a selection of uses. Plastic bags for consumed items are sold in printed bags made from PE. This is due to clean, health and safety regulations which specify the use of these plastic bags for cleanroom purposes.
One should keep a large variety of clear films in stock, from PE-bags for domestic use to heavy duty bags for the industrial packaging. It is easy to produce custom made bags to customer specification, but all clear bags are made from an aseptic material and are manufactured according to all laws.
Should a customer need a better alternative and a medical grade or a virgin bag is not necessary these machines can produce cost saving bags made from clear material. High quality clear polythene bags are always available in a wide range of all sizes and strengths, so it is easy to find one suitable for specific needs. The light bags are designed to protect items from dust, the medium bags are best for storing small components.
Finally the cleanroom bags are ideal for clean products, such as bolts and nuts, hardware and other quantities. All bags are hermetic safe and a certificate is available upon ordering. In the case one cannot find the fitting bag in the right size, stretchable polythene bags are available too.
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